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How To Add A Seat To Your Team

NOTE: This is only possible if you have space in the team range you chose while purchasing the team seats. For example, if the team size you chose when you purchased was 2-9 people but you only bought 7 seats, you can buy 2 additional seats. However, if the range was 2-9 people and you bought 9 seats, then you cannot add on another seat to the team. You'll have to purchase and make a new team.

  • Go to your Team Settings (Click here if you aren't sure how to access your team settings)
  • On the righthand side, click "Team Settings" if you are not already on that tab. 

You'll be taken to the webpage shown below. You can edit your team name here as well as add seats by clicking "Add Seats". A pop up will show, asking how many seats you would like to add. Once you've chosen a number, click submit and you will be taken to the checkout where you can buy the extra seat(s).


If you encounter any problems or have any questions, contact support@eventleadershipinstitute.com.