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Where Is The Zoom Link/Password For My Live Class?

Some of our courses come with Live Classes that occur once a week. The Welcome email that is sent out before the course begins lists all the dates and times of the live class. However, you can also find the dates, password, and times in your course. 

Once you've entered your course (if you aren't sure how to access your course, click here) on the lefthand side you will see the "Welcome!" drop down menu. One of the sections listed is "LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE & ZOOM LINKS"


Click it and you will see the page below. The password is listed on the page along with dates, times, and the link. Clicking "Join Here" will take you to the Zoom session.


Please Note: This section may be empty if the course has yet to begin. As the page states, the dates, times, and link get added close to the course start date. 

If the course has already began and the 'Live Classes' section is still blank, reach out to support@eventleadershipinstitute.com for assistance.