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Where Is My Digital Badge?

After putting in the dedication to finish a course, naturally the first thing you want to do is show off your certification and your badge on LinkedIn or in your email signature. 

However, please note that badges do not get issued until after the course's official end date. To find your course's official end date you can look in the "Important Dates" section of the course which is located under the "Welcome!" drop down menu.


Once the course has come to a close, the badge will be issued within two weeks. 

You will receive an email from admin@youracclaim.com that looks like this. This is how you will claim your badge. Please check your spam/junk folder as well as the email could end up there.

You can find out how to share the badge on LinkedIn, add the badge to your email signature, and much more here

If more than two weeks have passed since the course closed and you still have not received the email to claim your badge, reach out to support@eventleadershipinstitute.com.