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My Course Won't Hit 100% Progress/I'm Stuck At __% Progress

Certificates are awarded once a student hits 100% progress with a course, so being stuck at a percent that isn't 100 can be frustrating. Here are some reasons why you may not be at 100% progress.

Reason One: You haven't marked all sections as complete

Progress is measured by how many sections you have marked as completed, so if any section is left unmarked then your progress will not hit 100%. This includes all live class recordings, all content in the "Welcome!" section, resources, final exam instructions, and any bonus or optional content. To make a section as complete, scroll to the bottom of a lesson's page and click "Mark Complete".


You can double check if a section is marked as complete by checking if the checkmark next to its name is pink and the title is greyed out like shown below:


Reason Two: Your final exam grade has not been cleared yet.

NOTE: This only applies for courses that have proctored final exams (i.e VEMM, PMED, TMEP, etc.). If your course does not have a proctored final exam, you may skip to the next reason.

Unlike the other lessons listed in our courses, the confirmation quiz that you must submit in the "Complete Your Course & Request Your Certificate" section cannot be marked as complete by you. It is cleared by an ELI team member, which is why the webpage tells you "This quiz is not auto graded. Please allow two business days for your quiz to be approved and for your certificate to be generated.


If everything besides this one section is marked is complete, then you've done all you needed to do. Once you're cleared by the ELI team, you will hit 100% progress and be awarded your certificate. If more than two business days pass and your confirmation quiz still hasn't been cleared, please reach out to support@eventleadershipinstitute.com for assistance. 

Reason Three: Your assignment(s) have not been graded yet.

NOTE: This only applies to the HVED course. If you are not in the HVED course, you may skip this section.

The assignments where you have to submit something are not automatically marked or graded. When you submit your assignment you will be shown a 0% and will be told the grade is pending. Until your instructor grades your assignment, your assignment will not be marked as complete and you won't be able to hit 100% progress and get your certificate. Please be patient and give the instructor a week after you submit to grade your assignment before reaching out to them. Keep in mind that your assignment does not need to be graded by the course's end date. As long as it is submitted before the course closes, you are in the clear and on your way to getting your certificate.