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I'm Having Trouble Viewing The Content In The On Demand Library

Those who have a membership with us at ELI have access to our On-Demand Video Class (ODC) Library. If you do not have a membership and are interested in viewing the over 180 video classes covering a wide array of topics, click here to view membership benefits and purchase one.

Viewing an ODC video is similar to viewing a course. Once you have chosen the video you'd like to watch, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click the Enroll button.


Once you have enrolled yourself, you will be taken back to the Learner Dashboard. From there, click "My Courses".


The ODC lesson you chose will show up in one of the sections in the bottom three rows depending on if you haven't started the lesson, are in the middle of the lesson, or have finished the lesson. Click the button under "Start" to begin viewing the videos in the lesson you've chosen.


Then you're all set to begin learning.

If you're experiencing further problems, reach out to support@eventleadershipinstitute.com.